We Are Able To Overcome

“And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.” —Numbers 13:30

The story of Caleb is a story of faith. From the outset, we see his faith in action. He was selected to be a part of a campaign to spy out the promised land—a land given by God to the children of Israel for them to inhabit.

When the twelve men arrived to spy out the land, they saw that the land was as the Lord had said it would be. It was a large land, flowing with milk and honey, but there was one major problem: giants inhabited the land. Out of the twelve men sent, ten men said that there was no way to defeat these giants. The walls were too large, the fortifications could not be penetrated, and the giants were too big. They cried that they felt like grasshoppers in comparison to these giants.

These ten men, whomever they were, exhibited a defeatist mentality—a mentality that says God cannot give us the land. It was a mindset that believed that the giants were too big, and God was too small. So many Christians today have that very same attitude. They look at what God has done for others and say that God would never do that for them. In reality, they are saying that the giant is too big, and God is too small.

There Will Be Giants In The Land
Just as there were physical giants that inhabited the promised land, there are giants that inhabit our spiritual lives. Whether it is gambling, cursing, pornography, smoking, lying, or whatever, that giant of sin has taken up residence in your life long enough, and it has to be expelled. You must get it in your mind and heart that if God has given you the victory, then victory is yours.
Yes, there may be giants in the land that will try and hinder our way of living, but these giants do not have to remain there. We are to place our faith in what Christ has done for us and believe that He can defeat them, and that He has already defeated them. Many Christians fail to remove the giants from their lives, and by allowing them to remain, these giants will ultimately defeat them.
However, no giant can stand up to God's power. No giant can stand up to the power of the Holy Spirit. No giant is bigger than our God. That is something that you need to get a hold of and get into your spirit. There will be giants that stand in your way, but there is no giant that is bigger than God!
These ten men looked through the natural world’s eyes and could not see the victory that was already given to them by God. Joshua and Caleb refused to look through the natural eyes but instead, chose to look through faith's eyes and believe what the Lord had told them. That land rightfully belonged to them, and no giant was going to stand in their way.

Likewise, we are to quit looking through the natural eyes and start looking through the eyes of faith. Paul tells us that we are not to walk by sight but by faith (II Cor 5:7). Faith is the only currency that will spend in heaven, and it is the only medium of exchange to which God responds. He will not respond to doubt but only to faith. Believe God for the impossible. Ask God for the unattainable. God is a big God, so ask big!

The Testing Of Our Faith
Many may ask why the Lord gave the land to the children of Israel, knowing that giants were there. Everything that the Lord does regarding His children is a test of our faith. Faith must always be tested, and great faith must be significantly tested. This test was to show the men what was in their hearts. Unfortunately, ten of these men died in unbelief and never saw the promised land. Unbelief saw the problem but could not see that God was bigger than their situation. It is no different today. Many see the problem but cannot see that God is bigger than their condition.

Will You Choose To Take God At His Word?
With Joshua and Caleb, they refused to see these giants as a threat. They chose to take God at His word. They decided to believe God. They determined not to look at the problem, no matter how significant the issues were, but they chose to look to the Problem-Solver. The same goes for us today. We can choose to look at the problems that are in our lives. We can choose to see the walled cities, the giants, and the land that eats up the inhabitants, or the fact that we are like grasshoppers compared to the problems at hand. Or, we can look through the eyes of faith and declare that we are well able to take the land, and that the Lord has already given us the victory.
For many of you, giants have invaded your lives, and you are not quite sure what to do. It has caused so many problems that you have wondered if this Christian life is even worth living. But now, after reading these words, you know that God has already provided the answer. All you have to do is take the land. Take your eyes off of the problem and look to the One who has already solved the problem—Jesus Christ.

There will always be opposition that wants to stop your progression in the faith. These giants will tempt you and try to move you away from faith in Christ and the cross to something else. If you decide to go that route, whatever the route might be, then you have just left God's way of victory, which will spell disaster.
The following statement can sum it all up: We can believe what we see or believe what God has said. God has said that we are more than overcomers and that sin shall not have dominion over us. We must choose to believe that God has already designated triumph. We must each decide to stand in faith.
We must make it personal. I must believe that every place the sole of my foot touches is mine, and that if the Lord declares it, I believe it, and that settles it. I choose to walk by faith and not by sight.

Believe God, and believe that He has already given you the victory over the giants in your life. No matter how big they are, they pale in comparison to Jesus Christ and what He did at Calvary’s cross on our behalf.

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