GROUPS Attending Nashville, TN

There are often times when we have folks who want to go to our services, but can’t travel by themselves. Group attendance is a great way to overcome this issue. Groups of 15 or more will have access to reserved seating/private entrance.

Below is a list of groups that have been organized to attend the GS Rally in Nashville, TN. These groups may have available seating for traveling to our services. If you live in an area covered by one of the groups, and would like to join the group to attend one of our GS Rally services, please contact the group organizer for more details and seating availability.

(Please DO NOT contact SBN for participation in the groups below.)

Christ community church
Nisha Burkhart
Hickory, KY

Pastor Thomas Yates
Rhonda Yates
Nebo, KY

Trenton Assembly of God
Mike Dorsey
Elkton , KY

Christ Community Church
Nisha Burkhart
Hickor , KY

~ All costs associated with participating in a group traveling to an GS Rally are at the expense of the individual and the individual group and not GS Rally, JSM, etc.
~ Group Benefits are 'subject to availablity' at each individual venue.