Love God, Love People

In the Old Testament, we find in Exodus, Chapter 20, how God gave Moses the Ten Commandments in which to live by. Of these commandments, also known as the Ten Words, five are our responsibility toward God, and five are our responsibilities toward our fellow man. They would be the catalyst for all law, or at least that which was right.

Israel of that day was the only monotheistic nation on the planet, and because of that, they had the only set of laws given to them directly from the finger of God. No one else had anything like this; all other nations were polytheistic, which means that they served many gods. As a result, their laws changed, depending on who was ruling. Because of that which was given by God to the children of Israel, one could say that the foundation of the laws we have today in America are based on the Ten Commandments.

However, in the New Testament, which was established by Christ through what He did at Calvary, encapsulated these Ten Words into two commandments: love God and love your neighbor.

With these words, Jesus, in speaking to the religious leaders, placed this as the foundation of all the law. Not only do these words apply to the law of Moses, but they also apply to us today in the day of grace. The word Lord, which is used by Christ, means “covenant God” and prefaces God as Creator.

He was saying that in order for us to really love God like we should, we should know Him, which speaks of relationship. In other words, we cannot love Him unless we know Him. It is placing Him first in all things and expounds total allegiance on our part toward God, for He cannot share time with anyone or anything else.

Jesus also commanded that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. Now, it’s somewhat easy to say that you love the Lord, however, this second command proves if we really do love the Lord with all of our hearts, souls, and minds.

If we truly love the Lord, then we will love our neighbor, no matter who they are, and, if the love of God is not prevalent in our lives, and we do not show our love toward our neighbor, then whatever we claim will be looked at as an inaccurate claim.

Too many Christians have too much love for themselves and there is no room to love anyone else. It should be the opposite. We should love our neighbor, in spite of who they are and what they do. In fact, one of the greatest ways to show the love of God is to love those around us in a Christlike way. When we love those around us in a Christlike way, we are loving God. Let this be a help to you today, and I pray that you take these words and apply them to your life. Love God. Love people. It’s that simple.

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